Four NEW fearsome members join the LuchaGod Squad© stable.


I created these 'headshot' versions to complete a 10-piece collection that went on display at Northbar in Leeds.

Ltd edition prints available in the shop.









A monstrous, demonic female figure, guardian of the night sky and associated with solar eclipse stars; she descends to Earth wreaking havoc and devouring every living thing - wearing hearts, hands and organs of humans that died around her neck. Let her slip on a trademark

wrist-lock at your own peril!

CABEZA LUNA aka Coyolxauhqui

Aztec goddess of the Moon. Translated as ‘Face painted with Bells’ she wears a warrior’s belt with skull, headdress with eagle feathers and a bell on her cheek. Murdered and dismembered by her brother; her head was tossed into the sky where it became the moon, her body falling to the foot of Serpent Mountain. Be on your guard for a fatal flying head-butt! 

MARIPOSA GARRADA aka Itzpapalotl

The clawed butterfly. With blade-sharp flint tipped wings, this fearsome warrior goddess can appear as a beautiful, seductive woman, or as a hideous skeletal figure with jaguar claws. Beauty or beast, she'll give you a brainbuster, no questions asked!


God of the hunt. The ‘Cloud Serpent’ is identified with the Milky Way, the stars and the heavens. Wearing a fanged mask he is distinguished as the patron of hunters by his hunting bow, arrows and candy cane-striped face - but this guy is anything but sweet - as you'll find out if he ​slaps on his sharpshooter!